Marco Di Branco

DiBrancoMarco Di Branco is an historian serving as research fellow at the Deutsches Historisches Institut in Rom. He is the author of many articles and books whose content spans from Late antiquity to Byzantine and Arabic history. His research on the image of late antique Athens La città dei filosofi. Storia di Atene da Marco Aurelio a Giustiniano has appeared in 2006 (Firenze), while his translation and commentary of an unpublished work by the Marquis of Monferrato Theodoros Palaiologos is under press (Roma 2014). His latest works are Storie arabe di Greci e di Romani (Pisa 2009) a monograph on Greek and Roman History in the Islamic sources, and Alessandro Magno. Eroe arabo del Medioevo (Roma 2011). The title of his paper is: “Wealth and Poverty in the Mirror of Byzantium: the Divisions sur la maniere des richeces et povretez de ce monde by Theodore Palaiologos and the Dialogue between the Rich and the Poor by Alexios Makrembolites”.

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