Giacomo Todeschini

TodeschiniGiacomo Todeschini is Professor of Medieval history at the University of Trieste. His studies focused on the development of medieval economic theory and languages, Christian doctrine of infamy that is exclusion from citizenship and market games, and the political role of Jews inside of the Christian medieval-modern world.  He was appointed as: visiting professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris, 2001), fellow at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (Oxford University, UK, 2004/2005), member at the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton University, USA, 2007/2008) and visiting professor at the History Department of the Peking University (Beijing, China, 2012.) Among his recent publications are: Theological Roots of the Medieval / Modern Merchants’ Self-Representation, in: M. Jacob / C. Secretan (eds.), The Self-Perception of Early Modern Capitalists, New York 2008, pp. p. 17-46; Franciscan Wealth: From Voluntary Poverty to Market Society, New York 2009; The Incivility of Judas, in: J. Vitullo / D. Wolfthal (eds.), Money, Morality and Culture, New York 2010, pp. 32-53; Come Giuda. La gente comune e i giochi dell’economia all’inizio dell’epoca moderna, Bologna 2011. His paper will be about “Feeling poor at the end of the Christian middle ages: repulse, compassion, honor“.

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